Nothing tells the story of what a place is truly like better than a well-produced video. Explore our deep video section to get a feel for the events, natural spaces, businesses, parks and other attractions of the Door County North region. Then come back soon, we’re constantly updating the selection. When you’re ready, you can come in person to experience the real thing!

Sand Bay Town Park

Newport State Park’s Poetry Trail

Liberty Grove Tractor and Art Show

Ellison Bay’s Port des Morts Park

The Clearing Folk School

Newport State Park’s Hotz Trail

The Niagara Escarpment

Ellison Bay Pottery

Jens Jensen, Founder of The Clearing Folk School, Part One

Jens Jensen, Founder of The Clearing Folk School, Part Two

Norbert Blei, Door County Writer

Exploring with Door County Adventure Center

Snowmobiling in Northern Door County

Cross-Country Skiing in Northern Door County

Fall Colors

Exploring the Mink River Estuary

Exploring Rowleys Bay #1

Exploring Rowleys Bay #2

Newport State Park: An International Dark Sky Park