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Some visitors destined for a Door County vacation head immediately to one of our five beautiful state parks: Newport, Peninsula, Potawatomi, Whitefish Dunes, Rock Island. That’s all they care about this place, all they need to know and love about being here, in the midst of it. To return to that primitive sense of land, water, sky…sunrise, sunset…a silence both holy and profound.

The natural diversity, raw beauty of this landscape is sometimes staggering. From woodlands, to meadows, bluffs, beaches, lakeside, bayside, sand dunes, including a whole island to hike, to pitch a tent, to test the blue Lake Michigan waters, to count the stars and welcome the sunrise… to remind you why some still call it God’s Country, or simply, Paradise. Every season is a new peace offering. A chance to find yourself again.

Add to the five state parks, nineteen county parks plus more town parks than anyone can count.

One of the truths to this place is that it harbors diversions galore in a setting singularly solitary. You sense this on the highways, backroads, and in every little village and town. There is the bustle of shops and restaurants—and minutes away, a road leading you to bluff, water, the crashing of waves along the shoreline.

We, lucky to live amidst this, remain forever grateful to those who came before us, who understood the redeeming nature of this distinctive wilderness and sought to preserve these sacred grounds for future generations.

–Norbert Blei

Sand Bay Town Park

Newport State Park’s Poetry Trail

Ellison Bay’s Port des Morts Park

Ellison Bay’s Port des Morts Park

Newport State Park’s Hotz Trail

Northern Door County’s County Parks

The Niagara Escarpment

Ellison Bluff County Park

The Pledge

Door County residents and businesses care greatly about the Door Peninsula’s beautiful natural environment — it’s the main reason people visit and love this astounding destination. Please watch THE PLEDGE video from Destination Door County and Take The Pledge yourself with your family!


Ellison Bay Community Park/Beach

Address: 11953 Hwy 42 in Ellison Bay

The park is ideal for families to spend the day relaxing.  Tennis courts, children’s playground, picnic tables, and BBQs along with plenty of grass to spread out a blanket and relax.  There is a sandy beach for swimming.  There is a covered gazebo to come in out of the rain and the Community Center (formerly known as the Women’s Club) building can be rented for family reunions, weddings, and other gatherings.  Dogs are not allowed in this park.

Contact our Town Hall for rental information at (920) 854-2934.

Three Springs Nature Preserve